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The future happens here

The construction of the future involves a constant search for innovation and transformation. We face uncertainties that come from profound changes in business environments and complex challenges in society, requiring significant reflections on our business models.

All this movement breaks the inertia of how to act. We are engaging our teams and looking towards the future with courage. And we do this with a long-term vision and an ethical commitment, because it implies negotiating with generations who have not even been born but the Company will relate with. For a century-old company like Votorantim, who is thinking about its next 100 years, this is even more crucial.

Smart Trading
Launched by Votorantim Energia, one of our investees, the project is aimed at tech startup companies, bringing the Company a step closer to the startup ecosystem. The goal is to form a network that discusses ideas, projects and possibilities for future partnerships in areas such as energy trading, solar energy and power plants of the future. The best rated startups will be able to provide Votorantm Energia with services or innovative solutions.
100 Open Startups
We at Votorantim, and some of our investees, are co-sponsors of this movement, which is the main international connection platform between large companies and open innovation startups ("100 Open Startups") that identifies synergies and foster an environment for the joint development of projects. How does it work? We, along with Nexa, Votorantim Cimentos, Citrosuco and Votorantim Energia, launch challenges for startup companies to come up with solutions. The proposals submitted are evaluated by our employees, who act as volunteers, and the most appropriate solution is chosen.
Aiming to support the creation of an innovative and high performance oriented culture, the Vototalks initiative emerged in 2015 as an idea from a group of young talents at the holding company, focused on the promotion of dialogues with external guests on topics involving innovation and sustainability. This has turned into an institutional initiative and has been disseminated at our investees, with four editions per year, opened to the general public and with live transmissions.
Mining Labs
This Nexa program, one of our investees, has the support of the Federation of Industries of the State of Minas Gerais (FIEMG) and startup accelerator Techmall. The goal is to seek and identify projects and ideas that contribute with innovative solutions for the mining industry. Selected proposals will be developed in partnership among Nexa and startups.
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